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on October 25, 2018

Ok, so how do I start this blog thing? Well I guess it is kinda like I start everything, I just hop in and figure it out. If I wait til I understand it all completely and am doing it perfect, it will never get done. I am not going to overwhelm you with multi posts a day, I will just post once, and some days it will be helpful and some days you will get something completely random I am sure.. because that is me.

I want to start by saying that the one thing I hope you get from this, if you read it is, I love to help women feel as put together as much as possible in every aspect of their lives. So in your personal fashion, regardless of your size or shape and in your home regardless of being a great or terrible organizer. Thirty One Gift products have helped me do this, and love showing how they can help you also.. So this blog is going to be that, and lots of crazy things I am sure because – our life can be nutty!

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