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Hi there,

My name is Andrea Espey. I found Thirty-One Purses Gifts in September of 2010. The gift it has been in my life is immeasurable, how do you measure changing your family’s future?

I am a wife, and mother of three teenagers that came right in a row-    they are now 16,17 & 18. So as you can imagine I was in mommy land for quite awhile. When they started school I did not have any idea who I was, I was not a full time stay at home mom anymore, but didn’t want to go back to work full time.

I found a direct sells company that started me back on the path of talking to adults, it got me out of the house guilt free, because I was “working”. I was a representative for that company for 2 years,it was fun, and at that point in my life, I needed fun.

When the time came that I wanted to start back to work so I could help contribute to the household income, I found it really hard to find something that fit my and my family’s need. Then Thirty-One fell into my lap. A friend had a catalog, I checked it out and here I am 8 yrs later, still loving this company and it’s products.

Thirty- One has given “me”, back to myself, and yet it allows the luxury of still being able to stay a flexible full time working wife and mother. I love my family and have always wanted to give them what they need, Thirty- One let’s me do it in a way that is all me.

BUT THE BEST PART IS…. I get to help other women find their own Thirty One story!! I have such a heart for offering Thirty One to other women. Some ladies just want to shop, some want to join and shop at a great discount, some want extra money for sports & trips etc. and then some want to see if they can earn a part time or full time income, I help with however Thirty One fits in their world.

Check out my Thirty-One site

I feel so completely overwhelmed that this is how I make a living… amazing.-

Thanks, Andrea

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